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Swimming Upstream (2003)
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Swimming Upstream (2002/I)
Directed by : Robert J. Emery Written by :Robert J. Emery Released : Cast : Matt Czuchry as. Morris Bird III Ben Savage (I) as. Teddy Benevides Jeffre
Deep Search for Swimming Upstream (2002/I)

mandy.com - USA California - South listings for Composers 
Horizons) (FF); *End of an Era (Chevron) (DO); *Those Amazing Animals (Tokyo Broadcasting NBC, CBS, ABC *Countdown To Invasion (PAR) (TV Movie) (DR
nofreelist.com - Swimming Upstream (2002)
Rush, Jesse Spencer Links: Swimming Upstream on the IMDb Genre: Based on True Story Awards: AFI Awards - Best Film (2002 - nominee). This movie gets: 7.0 from 1
1939 Died:N/A Latest Works: Light in the Sky (2002), "Shaka Zulu: The Citadel" (2001) (TV Movie- Starts with Ms. Quested and Mrs. Moore on their journey to India
Jesse Spencer - index 
Jesse Spencer. Date of Birth: 12th February 1979. Filmography: Tony Fingleton "Stranded: Swiss Family Robinson Adventure" 2002 [tv-series / Movie]
Jesse Spencer - index 
Molly Gunn" 2003 "Swimming Upstream" 2002 Tony Fingleton "Stranded: Swiss Family Robinson Adventure" 2002 [tv-series / Movie]
Stepping up the weight loss (USA TODAY)
Search Score - 95%

Take One for the Team (2003) (V)
Directed by : Chi Chi La Rue Written by : Released : Cast : Toby O’Connor as. Soccer Player Jason Ridge as. Swimming Champion #1 Eddie Stone as. Sw
Deep Search for Take One for the Team (2003) (V)

Poor Man’s Movie Theater
with the only the good jokes misleading you into believing that the movie is worth to "take one for the team" and watch three disgustingly over-exposed movies.
Search Score - 91%

Swimming Upstream (2003)
Directed by : Russell Mulcahy Written by :(WGA)Anthony Fingleton (autobiography) andDiane Fingleton (autobiography)as  Cast : Geoffrey Rush as.
Deep Search for Swimming Upstream (2003)

ChaosMusic - Chaos Sets You Free - Coming Soon Music, Movies, ...  
Best of Tom Green, the. Black Rain. Brady Bunch Movie, the. Bridges at Toko Ri, the. Chinatown. Borderline. Evil That Men Do, the. Swimming Upstream. 01 Sep 2003.
Coming DVD movies 
US MARSHAL CHISUM DEATH WISH - Ultimate Collectors Pack EVIL THAT MEN DO, THE GIANT - Special Disc Set) Thursday, 7 August 2003 BRADY BUNCH MOVIE, THE BRIDGES
Russell's Co-Stars 
Currently he will be seen in, Bright Young Things, Around the World in 80 Days, The Magic Roundabout Movie and The Great Ceili War. 28.
Swimming Upstream (2003): Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, Kelly ...
swimming upstream (2003) reviews from the nation\\’s top critics and audiences. also includes movie info, trailer, poster, photos, news, articles, and forum.
DeVoteD DVD - Australia 
On The Road With Jack Kerouac, King Of The Beats, 14/05/2003. Gundam Wing Movie: Endless Waltz, 14/05/2003. Bless This House Series Part One, 14/05/2003.
Stepping up the weight loss (USA TODAY)
Search Score - 79%

Une femme mariée: Suite de fragments d’un film tourné en 1964 (1964)
Directed by : Written by :Jean-Luc Godard Cast : Bernard Noël as. Robert, the Lover Macha Méril as. Charlotte Philippe Leroy as. Pierre, the Husban
Deep Search for Une femme mariée: Suite de fragments d’un film tourné en 1964 (1964)

Search Score - 47%

Bath House Blunder, A (1916)
Directed by : Dell Henderson Written by : Released :April 2, 1916 Cast : Mae Busch as. Swimming Instructor Joseph Belmont as. Sweetheart Polly Moran
Deep Search for Bath House Blunder, A (1916)

Search Score - 46%

That Summer (1979)
Directed by : Harley Cokeliss Written by :Tony Attard Jane Preger Cast : Ray Winstone as. Steve Tony London as. Jimmy Emily Moore (I) as. Carole Juli
Deep Search for That Summer (1979)

it to 24), the last movie he saw was * ---- NEW ORDER STORY (video) 087 134-3 London Records
Kandell ([email protected]) from his The FALL Lyrics Parade ----> Vini HAPPY MONDAYS "WFL (think about the future)" 3. DURUTTI COLUMN "The together mix
Dawn: Well, what about the movie? It starts at nine. this is different. Dawn: Uh, when have you waitressed? Buffy: That summer in LA It was a diner, and
In 1966, we had a movie filmed here on the ranch. Casey Tibbs came home to South Dakota to film two pictures, Born to Buck and The Young Rounders.
Search Score - 44%

Swimming with Sharks (1994)
Directed by : George Huang  Written by :George Huang  Released :March 21, 1995 Genre : Comedy / Drama Length : 101 mins Cast : Kevin S
Deep Search for Swimming with Sharks (1994)

6.4E0 1200 284 My Fair Lady 1964 8E0 1196 285 Great Escape, The 1963 8.3E0 1193 286 Pump Up the Volume 1990 7.9E0 1193 287 Transformers: The Movie, The 1986 8.2
6.4E0 1200 284 My Fair Lady 1964 8E0 1196 285 Great Escape, The 1963 8.3E0 1193 286 Pump Up the Volume 1990 7.9E0 1193 287 Transformers: The Movie, The 1986 8.2
Movie Ratings List 
Show, The (1998) 7 Trust (1990) 7 Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) 7 U Palace (1999) 6 Brother from Another Planet, The (1984) 6 Browning Version, The (1994
Matt's Movie Log 
The links go straight into the Internet Movie Database. Title, Director, Year. Opera No. 1, Hal Hartley, 1994. The Other Also, Hal Hartley, 1998.
4.90 897 2853 1627 Tin Men 1987 6.30 894 38 1628 Silent Movie 1976 6.00 893 885 662 1648 Broadway Danny Rose 1984 7.30 884 1 1649 Ying huang boon sik 1986 7.40
TBS Superstation’s WORST-CASE SCENARIO Goes Swimming with Sharks in New Episode Premiering Wednesday, Oct. 16 (Business Wire)
Search Score - 44%

Swimming to Cambodia (1987)
Directed by : Written by :Spalding Gray Released : Cast : Spalding Gray as. Himself Sam Waterston as. Additional cast from ’The Killing Fields’ &#
Deep Search for Swimming to Cambodia (1987)

Pinocchio, 1940, ***1/2. Pirate Movie, The, 1982, *. Pixote, 1981, *1/2. Seduction of Angela, The, 1987, 0. Seduction, The, 1982, 0. See the Sea, 1997, ***.
The Vietnam War on Film 
Dean Crow (1987); Twilight's Last Gleaming, dir. Robert Aldrich (1977); Twilight Zone: The Movie, dir. John 1991); Yinghung Bunsik III, dir.
The Vietnam War on Film 
Dean Crow (1987); Twilight's Last Gleaming, dir. Robert Aldrich (1977); Twilight Zone: The Movie, dir. George McGowan (TV, 1971); Welcome Home, Soldier Boys, dir.
The Movie Collection. 
American History X (1998). American Movie (1999). The American Nightmare (2000). American Pimp (1999). Aria (1987). Arise, My Love (1940). Army of Dark
R1978 Pinocchio's Birthday Party 1974 Pipe Dreams 1976 Pirate Movie 1982 Pit Prettykill 1987 Pretty Smart 1987 Pick-Up Artist 1987 Priest of Love 1981 Prince of
Search Score - 40%

Identificazione di una donna (1982)
Directed by : Michelangelo Antonioni Written by :Michelangelo Antonioni Gérard Brach   Released :September 30, 1982 Cast : Tomas Milian as. Nicco
Deep Search for Identificazione di una donna (1982)

RTSI - Filmselezione
IDENTIFICAZIONE DI UNA DONNA, di Michelangelo Antonioni, con Tomas Milian, Daniela Silverio, Christine Boisson, Lara Wendel, Veronica Lazar (Italia, 1982).
kataweb cinema
I grandi festival seguiti da kwcinema. I grandi film seguiti da kwcinema. Veronica Lazar. Filmografia. Identificazione di una donna (1982). La luna (1979).
Search Score - 40%

Castaway (1987)
Directed by : Nicolas Roeg Written by :Lucy Irvine (book)Allan Scott (II) Released :September 11, 1987 Cast : Oliver Reed as. Gerald Kingsl
Deep Search for Castaway (1987)

Ink Syndicate 
1987) Cannon Movie Tales: Puss in Boots (1988) Cannon Movie Tales: Sleeping Berlin Affair, The (1985) I Castaway (1987) [UK] Cry in the Dark, A (1988) [AUS
E! Online - Movie Facts - Castaway (1987) 
Fashion Police: Kelly Osbourne makes her point, Britney Spears ropes 'n' rides Out & About: Justin Timberlake, Jen Love, Frankie Muniz, more Kid around Revealed
E! Online - Movie Facts - Castaway (1987) 
The Anna Nicole Show: The bombshell lassoes her very own cowboy, 10 pm Sun. Movie Scoop: Adam Sandler talks Anger, aging and bedding
Frances Barber 
Storyteller: Greek Myths - Medusa - Perseus & The Gorgon Movie/Mini-Series Castaway (1987) - Sister St Winifred Clem (1987) - Lisa Dirty Old Town (1995) - Sally
Netribution > Features > Interviews > Mary Selway
and I get actors to do a scene, but the director directs the movie. in the Mist (1988) Stormy Monday (1988) Castaway (1987) Prayer for the Dying, A (1987) Hope
Colombian drug lord Fabio Ochoa faces Miami trial under tight security 
Search Score - 39%

Swimming Pool (2003)
Directed by : François Ozon Written by :Emmanuèle Bernheim François Ozon Released :July 2, 2003 Cast : Charlotte Rampling as. Sarah Morton
Deep Search for Swimming Pool (2003)

MovieWeb - SWIMMING POOL production notes 
Her movie credits include several short films, most notably Guillaume Bréaud?s Acide Animé (for which she received the Best Actress 1996 Sans mentir (dir.
e-Oculus Current Issue 
Margaret (MJ Kang), a young Korean-American woman, presents her thesis project, a public swimming pool, thoughtfully crafted around light, views, circulation
Pocahontas Swimming Pool Project
Pocahontas Swimming Pool. ... In 1994
8557 Saint Vincent sur Jard Vendée 
Ref 8557 Saint Vincent sur Jard (Vendée coast). 17th century, Vendéen swimming pool. Situated just 1.5kms from Saint Vincent-sur-Jard. This
SPLICEDwire | "Swimming Pool" review (2003) Francois Ozon, ...
Starring Charlotte Rampling, Ludivine Sagnier, Charles Dance. Here’s the plot: Sarah Morton (Charlotte Rampling) is a famous British mystery author.
French imports score with U.S. auds
Lombard boy earns honor for saving drowning child (Daily Herald)
Second boy dies after being pulled from swimming pool (Denver Rocky Mountain News)
Swimming Pool / * * * ( R )
New Safety Turtle(R) Alarm System Alerts Parents the Instant A Child Falls Into a Swimming Pool or Dangerous Water Sources (PR Newswire
Search Score - 39%

Three-Cornered Moon (1933)
Directed by : Elliott Nugent Written by :Ray Harris S.K. Lauren   Released :August 8, 1933 Cast : Claudette Colbert as. Elizabeth Rimplegar Richard A
Deep Search for Three-Cornered Moon (1933)

Search Score - 36%

Stepford Children, The (1987) (TV)
Directed by : Alan J. Levi  Written by :William Bleich     Released :March 15, 1987 Length : 96 mins Cast : Barbara Eden as. Laura H
Deep Search for Stepford Children, The (1987) (TV)

AUTHOR'S COURT , A 1979 1:32 C SPACE MARINES 1996 1:30 C SPACE MOVIE 1980 1 GREGORY 1945 1:03 B STRANGE ONE , the 1957 1:39 C STRANGE VOICES 1987 1:36 C STRANGE
Poplore | Bionic Shows | Datalore
Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman" (the TV movie from 1987 Innes] Ride to Hangman’s Tree, The (1967) [Steve Carlson] Menace on the Mountain (1970) (TV
Stomp Tokyo Video Reviews - The Stepford Children (1987)
 - ... series of films appears to have hit bottom with The Stepford Children, the second sequel to ... a nice girl (oddly enough, that’s defined in this movie as "dresses ...
Ellery Queen TV Series Companion - Ken Swofford/Frank Flannigan 
Louise 1991 as Major; The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson 1990 (TV Movie); The Eddie Capra Mysteries 1978 (TV Series) as JJ Devlin; Crisis in Sun Valley 1978 (TV
Ellery Queen TV Series Companion - Ken Swofford/Frank Flannigan 
& Louise 1991 as Major; The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson 1990 (TV Movie); Kenny Rogers as The Gambler - The Adventure Continues 1983 (TV) as Witchita Pike;
Search Score - 34%

Dodson’s Journey (2001) (TV)
directed by : gregg champion written by :(wga) james dodson (ii) (book)john pielmeier (teleplay) released : cast : David James Elliott
Deep Search for Dodson’s Journey (2001) (TV)

Search Score - 33%

Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video (1979)
Directed by : Michael O’Donoghue Written by :Mitch Glazer Michael O’Donoghue   Cast : Michael O’Donoghue as. Mr. Mike rest of cast listed alphabe
Deep Search for Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video (1979)

Bill Murray
Search Score - 30%

Hannah med H (2003)
Directed by : Christina Olofson Written by :Per Nilsson (screenplay)  Cast : Tove Edfeldt as. Hannah Andersen Joel Kinnaman as. Andreas Adnan Zorlak
Deep Search for Hannah med H (2003)

Search Score - 24%

Piraten under sengen (2004)
Directed by : Jonas Kvist Jensen Written by :Jonas Kvist Jensen Cast : Michael Würtz as. The Pirate Kim Sønderholm Andersen as. Swimmingcoach Laj
Deep Search for Piraten under sengen (2004)

Search Score - 15%

Bringing Up Father (1928)
Directed by : Jack Conway Written by :Frances Marion George McManus (story)  Released :March 17, 1928 Cast : J. Farrell MacDonald as. J
Deep Search for Bringing Up Father (1928)

Search Score - 12%

Flaming Youth (1923)
Directed by : John Francis Dillon Written by :Samuel Hopkins Adams (novel)Harry O. Hoyt Released :November 12, 1923 Cast : Colleen Moore as.
Deep Search for Flaming Youth (1923)

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