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"Barnaby Jones" (1973)
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"Barnaby Jones" (1973)
Directed by : Corey Allen  Written by :Larry Alexander (I)  Margaret Armen     Released : Genre : Drama / Crime Length : 60 &
Deep Search for "Barnaby Jones" (1973)

1970) [Woman in Elevator] Man on a Swing (1974) [Mrs Behavior (1989) [Site Committee] Awakenings (1990) [Lucy] Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) [Carolyn
made for TV or cable (V) = made for video movie (*) = currently available Raid, The (1972) [Allen] Dying Room Only (1973) (*) (TV) Hawkins on Murder &#
TV) [Harvey Lacey] Cagney and Lacey Movie (1995) (TV Phase (1981) (TV) [Judge Donald Faulkner] Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story (1981) (*&
New Age & Soundtracks - colonne sonore - Jerry Goldmith
Runaway Supergirl 1983 Psycho II Twilight Zone: The Movie Under Fire Barnaby Jones (1973) Hawkins (1973) Police Story (1973) Hawkins on Murder (1973) Indict
8:00 Fantasy Island 8:30 9:00 ABC Friday Movie 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 NBC Friday Night 1979 8:00 Shirley 8:30 9:00 The Rockford Files 9:30 10:00 Eischied 10:30
Buddy Ebsen dies at 95; was TV’s `hillbilly’ dad Jed Clampett
Buddy Ebsen anything but a hillbilly
WE HEAR (PageSix.com)
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"Midsomer Murders" (1997)
Directed by : Moira Armstrong  Written by : Caroline Graham (I)  (writer) (episode "Death of a Hollow Man") (as Caroline Grahame
Deep Search for "Midsomer Murders" (1997)

Cinema Fantascienza Horror - Film con scene di nudo 
Skin (1995) Madam Savant (1997) Madame Bovary (TV) (2000) Madame Claude 2 (1982 Malizie di Venere, Le (1969) Mallrats (1995) Malombra Malombra, mov
Care Bears - The Movie [1985] The Avengers : The Definitive ...  
Care Bears - The Movie [1985] The Avengers : The Definitive Danielle Steel's Message From Bless This House Addicted To Love [1997] DJ Craze - Ascension In
Midsomer Murders Reviews by Consumers - dooyoo.co.uk
Midsomer Murders reviews in Television from dooyoo.co.uk
Pursuit Deadly Rattlesnakes Dealers Death Among Friends Death Of An Expert Witness Death Of Me Crazy Drummonds Duck Patrol Ducktales The Movie - Treasure Of
Help From His Friends Elton John:Tantrums And Tiaras Elvis ? The Movie Elvis & Karate Kid Karate Kid II Karate Kid III Karen Carpenter Story, The Kavanagh QC
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Barnaby MetschuratDeep Search for Barnaby Metschurat

DigiGuide: The Best TV Guide - Episode Guide - A to Z of people
Barna Toth Barnaby Hale Barnaby Holm Barnaby Kay Barnaby Metschurat Barnaby Shaw Barnard Hughes Barnet Kellman Barnett Kellman Barnett Parker Barnetta McCarthy
Metromix and ZAP2IT.com | Chicago Movies, theaters and showtimes
Cast: Romain Duris Judith Godreche Audrey Tautou Kelly Reilly Kevin Bishop Federico D\\’Anna Barnaby Metschurat Christian Pagh Xavier De Guillebon Wladimir
MovieWeb - L\’Auberge Espagnole
Kelly Reilly Soledad.. Movie Stills. (106k) From top: Kevin Bishop, Federico d\\’Anna, Kelly Reilly, Barnaby Metschurat and
Girodivite: segnali dalle cittŕ invisibili
Romain Duris Xavier. Xavier De Guillebon. Cécile De France Isabelle. Paulina Gálvez. Audrey Tautou Martine. Wladimir Yordanoff. Barnaby Metschurat Helmut.
Search Score - 71%

David Barnaby (II)Deep Search for David Barnaby (II)

Search Score - 58%

Spendthrift (1936)
Directed by : Raoul Walsh Written by :Bert Hanlon Eric Hatch   Cast : Henry Fonda as. Townsend Middleton Pat Paterson (I) as. Boots O’Connell Ma
Deep Search for Spendthrift (1936)

The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
Spendthrift on Movies.com 
Find reviews and detailed movie information for Spendthrift, current movies, in theaters, upcoming movies, DVDs. Spendthrift (1936). MOVIE DETAILS,
E! Online - Movie Facts - Spendthrift (1936) 
Pam in chains. Spendthrift. Category: Comedy. Director: Raoul Walsh. you grade it! log in or register to grade, movie availability. In Theaters.
Search Score - 55%

Barnaby and Me (1977) (TV)
Directed by : Norman Panama  Written by :James S. Henerson  Length : 90 mins
Deep Search for Barnaby and Me (1977) (TV)

CHILDSTARLETS.COM - Child Actresses/Young Actresses Movie List A ...  
in White House, The (2002) -- Sofia Vassilieva Brady Bunch Movie, The (1995 In My Hometown (1996) -- Michelle Trachtenberg Christmas Path, The (1999) -- Madylin
Sid Caesar - Blockbuster.com
 - ... the cheap detective (1978) ˇ grease (1978) ˇ barnaby and me (1977) ˇ curse of the black widow (1977) ˇ fire sale (1977) ˇ silent movie (1976
Caesar, Sid
 - ... A Guide for the Married Man, 1967; Ten From Your Show of Shows, 1973; Airport 1975, 1974; Silent Movie, 1976; Fire Sale, 1977; Barnaby and Me, 1977; Grease ...
Barnaby and Me - Blockbuster.com
 - Barnaby and Me (1977). Available for rent on VHS. Check my store Buy Online Currently unavailable for online purchase. Rate This Movie Rate this and other films ...
Search Score - 50%

Sternzeichen (2003)
Directed by : Peter Patzak Written by :Stefan Kolditz Released :March 6, 2003 Cast : Heikko Deutschmann Karin Giegerich Vadim Glowna Jürgen Hentsch Ev
Deep Search for Sternzeichen (2003)

weihnachtsdecken - Angebote und Infos zu: weihnachtsdecken
immobilien hannover. wohnungen ottobrunn. schwerin hotels. ausbau. movie. immobilien moenkebude. holzlenkrad. fondspreise. sternzeichen schuetze. patchkabel. lvm.
Michael Praed 
Michael Praed. GEBURTSTAG: 1. April 1960 GEBURTSORT: Berkeley STERNZEICHEN: Widder GRÖSSE: 1,83 m HAARFARBE: dunkelbraun AUGENFARBE
Nickolas Grace
Nickolas Grace. GEBURTSTAG: 21. November 1949 GEBURTSORT: West Kirby STERNZEICHEN: Skorpion GRÖSSE: 5’8’’ HAAARFARBE: braun AUGENFARBE
Search Score - 49%

Trip to Paris, A (1938)
Directed by : Malcolm St. Clair Written by :Robert Ellis Katharine Kavanaugh   Released :May 6, 1938 Cast : Jed Prouty as. John Jones Shirley Deane
Deep Search for Trip to Paris, A (1938)

Search Score - 48%

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)
Directed by : Beeban Kidron Written by :Adam Brooks Richard Curtis (screenplay)  Released : Cast : Renée Zellweger as. Bridget Jones Morne Botes
Deep Search for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)

Search Score - 47%

15 to Life (2002) (V)
Directed by : Moon Jones Written by :Moon Jones Cast : Louis De La Costa as. Pico Santalvo Boyce Ellis Alfred Holmes Mitchell Jones Moon Jones Edith Love Jalene Mac
Deep Search for 15 to Life (2002) (V)

Search Score - 47%

Dot the I (2003)
Directed by : Matthew Parkhill Written by :Matthew Parkhill Released : Cast : Gael García Bernal as. Kit Natalia Verbeke as. Carmen James D’Arcy
Deep Search for Dot the I (2003)

Search Score - 46%

Beverly Hillbillies, The (1993)
Directed by : Penelope Spheeris  Written by :(WGA) Paul Henning  (television series) Lawrence Konner  (story)   Released :Oct
Deep Search for Beverly Hillbillies, The (1993)

Buddy Ebsen Current Month TV Schedule 
Superstation Beverly Hillbillies Jed and the Countess 30 minutes- (CC) Spring tonic time brings Western Channel Wed Jul 2 02:15P PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex Thu
Jim’s Movie Scores
Doom |PG |5 |Action/Adventure | Indochine |PG13 |8 |Drama |1993 Infiltrator, The |R |7 Drama | Keep, The |R |3 |Action/Adventure | Kentucky Fried Movie |R |4
Jim's Movie Scores 
The |PG |8 |Drama | Keep, The |R |3 |Action/Adventure | Kentucky Fried Movie |R |4 R |5 |Comedy | Lost in Yonkers |PG |8 |Drama |1993 Lotus Eaters, The |PG |6
writer] (1994) Taxi Driver (1976) Twilight Zone - The Movie (1983) Unfaithfully W. (TV) (1989) My Wicked, Wicked WaysThe Legend of Errol Flynn (TV) 
All General Titles - By Name 
Still Smokin' (1983) -- Comedy; Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) -- Comedy; Dead Weekend (1995) -- Sci-Fi; Dead-Alive (1993) -- Horror; Deadbolt (199
Buddy Ebsen dies at 95; was TV’s `hillbilly’ dad Jed Clampett
Buddy Ebsen, of `The Beverly Hillbillies,’ Is Dead at 95
Buddy Ebsen, Star of ’The Beverly Hillbillies,’ Dies
CBS Scouting for ’Real’-Life Beverly Hillbillies (Reuters)
UPDATE 1-CBS scouting for "real"-life Beverly Hillbillies (Reuters)
Search Score - 46%

"To Serve Them All My Days" (1980) (mini)
Directed by : Written by :Andrew Davies (I) R.F. Delderfield (novel) Cast : John Duttine as. David Powlett-Jones Frank Middlemass as. Algy Herries
Deep Search for "To Serve Them All My Days" (1980) (mini)

Search Score - 46%

European confusiòn: Making-of ’L’auberge espagnole’ (2002) (TV)
Directed by : Jérôme Plon Written by : Cast : Kevin Bishop as. Himself Dominique Colin Federico D’Anna as. Himself Cécile De France as.
Deep Search for European confusiòn: Making-of ’L’auberge espagnole’ (2002) (TV)

Search Score - 45%

Solino (2002)
Directed by : Fatih Akin  Written by :Ruth Toma  Genre : Drama Cast : Moritz Bleibtreu Barnaby Metschurat Patrycia Ziolkowska Lukas Gregorowicz
Deep Search for Solino (2002)

Cineman: - Filmkritiken 
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). 2001: A Space Travesty (2002). 24 heures de la vie d'une femme (2002). Chaos (2001). Charlie's Angels: The Movie (2000).
IMDb: Business Information Browser: S 
Member, The (1916) Silent Men (1933) Silent Movie (1976) Silent 1999) Simon: An English Legionnaire (2002) Simone e Matteo un gioco da ragazzi (1975) Simpa
Ich freu mich schon auf Jackass: The Movie. gut.) James Coburn, 31.08.1928 ? 18.11.2002 Heute abend läuft in der ARD der Film Goebbels und Geduldig, in dem
Moritz Bleibtreu
Kaiser Titus; Solino (2002) . Giancarlo Amato; Taking Sides (2001) . Lt. David Wills aka Taking Sides - Der Fall Furtwängler (2002) (Germany)
Solino (PDF)
567/02_VdA_Film_RZ 02.12.2002 12:38 Uhr Seite 6 Page 6. " 9 8 Peter Steinbach: Goebbels und Geduldig Nun ist es endlich soweit: nachdem der Film erfolgreich
Search Score - 45%

Otomo (1999)
Directed by : Frieder Schlaich Written by :Klaus Pohl Frieder Schlaich   Released :November 24, 2000 Cast : Isaach De Bankolé as. Otomo Eva Mat
Deep Search for Otomo (1999)

Eva Mattes 
Duell - Enemy at the Gates", in dem TV-Film "Himmlische Helden", in der Doku "Otomo", der Satire "Goebbels und Geduldig" und dem Road-Movie "Salamander", 2
figures in Japanese animation today - Katsuhiro Otomo (best known for the masterworks "Akira" and "Roujim Z") and Rintaro ("X: The Movie," "Galaxy Expres
Search Score - 44%

"Extra, Extra, Read All About It" (1993)
Directed by : Written by :Morgan C. Jones (writer) Cast : Morgan C. Jones (as Morgan Jones) Lise Ann McLaughlin Lorraine Pilkington Norman Rodway  &n;
Deep Search for "Extra, Extra, Read All About It" (1993)

extra, extra, read all about it! 
I spotted Kyra Sedgewick, outfitted all in black and surrounded by two ladies-in-waiting. screening we attended was Better Luck Tomorrow, a movie which had
Search Score - 44%

Echte Männer? (2003) (TV)
Directed by : Christian Zübert Written by :Christian Zübert Cast : Barnaby Metschurat as. Peter Krieger Christiane Paul as. Sophie Wotan Wilke Möhri
Deep Search for Echte Männer? (2003) (TV)

Search Score - 43%

Babes in Toyland (1960) (TV)
Directed by : Written by : Genre : Family / Fantasy Cast : Carl Ballantine Joe Besser Angela Cartwright as. Jane Jerry Colonna Paul Ford (I) a
Deep Search for Babes in Toyland (1960) (TV)

Best Movies of the 1960s
... the Iguana
UIowa - Papers of Ralph Junkin 
Biographical Note. Ralph M. Junkin operated a silent movie house in Vail, Iowa in the 1910's and 1920's. HOME FROM THE HILL (1960). HONEYMOON MACHINE, THE (1961).
Ji (1993) (aka Adiós a mi concubina (1993)) Babar: The Movie (1989) (aka Big City, The (1928) (aka Antros del crimen, Los (1928)) Big Clock
Ji (1993) (aka Adiós a mi concubina (1993)) Babar: The Movie (1989) (aka Cop III (1994) (aka Superdetective en Hollywood III (1994)) Beyond
1993) (aka Adiós a mi concubina (1993)) Babar: The Movie (1989) (aka pirata (1952)) Captain Ron (1992) (aka Capitán Ron (1992)) Cap
Ward Kimball, Academy Award(R)-Winning Disney Animator/Director Who Brought Life to Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, The Cheshire Cat, The Mad Ha
Carolee Carmello Added to ’Funny Girl’ Benefit (Playbill)
Search Score - 43%

Everybody’s Baby (1939)
Directed by : Malcolm St. Clair Written by :Robert Chapin (I) Karen DeWolf   Released :March 24, 1939 Cast : Jed Prouty as. John Jones Shirle
Deep Search for Everybody’s Baby (1939)

Search Score - 43%

Mädcheninternat - Deine Schreie wird niemand hören, Das (2001) (TV)
Directed by : Robert Sigl Written by :Kai Meyer Cast : Katharina Wackernagel as. Nina Anne Kanis as. Janine Luise Bähr as. Julia Alexandra Finder as.
Deep Search for Mädcheninternat - Deine Schreie wird niemand hören, Das (2001) (TV)

Search Score - 42%

Solomon and Gaenor (1999)
Directed by : Paul Morrisson Written by :Paul Morrisson Released :August 25, 2000 Cast : Ioan Gruffudd as. Solomon Levinsky Nia Roberts as. Gaenor R
Deep Search for Solomon and Gaenor (1999)

Kino - Cineman: Kinoprogramm, Film, Filmkritik, Wettbewerb 
2000) Die Zeit mit Kathrin (1999) Digimon: The Movie (2000) Dinosaur Meet the Parents (2000) Meier 19 (2001) Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski (1999) Mein
IMDb: Business Information Browser: S 
Member, The (1916) Silent Men (1933) Silent Movie (1976) Silent 1999) Simon: An English Legionnaire (2002) Simone e Matteo un gioco da ragazzi (1975) Simpa
Movies, Movie Release History 
. . ~~~ O ~~~~~, Movie Release Dates 1999 History. 16 Apr . Clubland (Legacy) Sel-60; 16 Apr .
about this fanlisting
... Solomon Levinsky (2000) (USA); Great Expectations (1999) (TV) .... Pip; Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters (1999) (TV) .... Horatio ... ...
Solomon and Gaenor Pictures and Soundtrack Movie Sites 
Solomon and Gaenor. Solomon and Gaenor - Movie Pictures and Soundtrack Directory of Sites; Sitnema - Search movie details, actor and director filmographies.
Search Score - 42%

Next Friday (2000)
Directed by : Steve Carr (III) Written by :(WGA) Ice Cube (characters) &D.J. Pooh (characters)as  Released : Cast : Ice Cube a
Deep Search for Next Friday (2000)

CINEMA - MOVIES niata.net - cyprus, greece. the youth pages 
American Beauty (1999); American Beauty (1999); American Movie (1999); American Psycho Minus Man, The (1999); Minus Man, The (1999); Mission to Mars (2000&
Films by Title 
1994) * * * * AVENGERS (1998) * * BABAR THE MOVIE (1989) * * * BABAR: KING BICENTENNIAL MAN (2000) * * * * BIG (1988) * * * * BIG BRAWL, THE (1980) * * * B
Ship Sails On 1983, Home?; Crit Col Y Angel Cop: The Movie 1994, Manga The 2000, Warner Y Center Stage 2000, Columbia; some extras work Chao Ji Ji Hua 1993 see
?????????? ?? Ice Cube ???? 1969 ...  
Naked Movie (2002) Mindhunters (2002) Windtalkers (2002) Run for the Money Slammed (2002) Academy Boyz (2001) ?????&???? (2000) ????
www.Rnation.com - the Station of the Nation - Internet Radio and ...  
Friday" director Steve Carr (who had previously directed Jay-Z's videos for "Can I Get A" and "Hard Knock Life") and actor Jean Claude La Marre, whose low
INTERVIEW CENTRAL: Dr. Don Ratajczak, Part I, Jeff Neal 
Skipper Pollock says South Africa is ready for anyone in semis (AP)
INTERVIEW CENTRAL: Jim Crimmins, Part I, Jeff Neal 
Search Score - 41%

Rocky Road (2001)
Directed by : Geoff Cunningham (I) Written by :Geoff Cunningham (I) (written by) Released :February 14, 2001 Cast : Will Wallace as.
Deep Search for Rocky Road (2001)

Gamelink.com - Adult DVD, Movies, VODs and Toys - Sitemap ...
GO Brooklyn 
If you don't have a chance to talk about it, the prejudices just solidify." And a movie like "Rocky Road" just might open a necessary path to enlightenment.

Rocky Road (2001); Rollerball (2002); Romance (1999) - Trailer; Romeo & Juliet (1992 Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) - Trailer; Rules of Engagement (200
Rocky road for De Niro and Co - smh.com.au - Features & Arts 
Rocky road for De Niro and Co. You'll have to be a mighty big fan of the old 1959-64 cartoon TV series to unscramble a messy movie which could even cheese off
for us of Shrek, "Fat Bastard" (from the second Austin Powers movie, in case Steve Austin turns heel at WrestleMania X-8 WCW invasion ECW returns on WWF TV The
U.S. Diplomat Walks Rocky Cuba Road (AP)
The Market’s Rocky Road to Recovery 
Another Alabama governor finds re-election a rocky road; Democrat Siegelman in tight race (AP)
Political comedy meets reality: A rocky road for Washington’s Capitol Steps (AP)
Search Score - 41%

Rector’s Wife, The (1993) (TV)
Directed by : Giles Foster Written by :Joanna Trollope (novel)Hugh Whitemore Released :October 9, 1994 Cast : Miles Anderson (I) as. Patric
Deep Search for Rector’s Wife, The (1993) (TV)

Search Score - 41%

Juggler of Notre Dame, The (1984) (TV)
Directed by : Michael Ray Rhodes Written by :Anatole France (story) Cast : Sherilyn Wolter as. Beatrice Henry Proach as. Toots James T. Callahan as. P
Deep Search for Juggler of Notre Dame, The (1984) (TV)

Juggling in Movies 
1992 Brain Donors; 1995 Braveheart; 1985 Brewster's Millions; 1949 The Bribe; 1984 Broadway Looking For Trouble; 1981 The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie;
Mystical Movie Guide Results 
Documentary 8. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959,USA,132mins) YesYES common - Childrens, Fantasy/Sci-Fi 9. Juggler of Notre Dame, The (1984,USA,TV 50mins
MOVIEHUNTER for Lost, Rare, Out Of Print, Hard To Find Films & ...  
into morning, rififi, groucho remembers, confessions of a blue movie star, man stewart, bette davis, near dark, juggler of notre dame, speedtrap, speed trap
Search Score - 41%

Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)
Directed by : Henry King (I) Written by :Han Suyin (novel)John Patrick (II) Released :August 18, 1955 Cast : William Holden as.
Deep Search for Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)

Title LN 
Actresses playing Noras 
The corresponding boys' name list this week is characters named Dan. Actress (character name), Title of Movie/tv show. Strange Lady in Town (1955).
in the moonlight, Lover come back to me, Where are you?, ’Deed I do, When lights are low, Jeepers creepers, The milkman’s matinee, Sweethearts on parade.
HomeSchool: AFI 100 Passions, Nominees by Title, Page 3 of 4 
LOUIS, Internet Movie DataBase for MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, 1944, MIDNIGHT, Internet Movie DataBase for MIDNIGHT, 1939, MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ, 1971, ??? ?? Err,
William Holden 
was waiting, and hoping for, and struggling toward that particular movie that would 1940 Those Were the Days - 1940 Arizona - 1941 I Wanted Wings - 1941 Texas
Search Score - 41%

Julietta (2001)
Directed by : Christoph Stark Written by :Jochen Bitzer Christoph Stark Released :March 16, 2002 Cast : Lavinia Wilson as. Julietta Barnaby Metschurat
Deep Search for Julietta (2001)

It’s Not Too Late To Register To Vote (WISN TheMilwaukeeChannel.com)
Search Score - 41%

Hello, Dolly! (1969)
Directed by : Gene Kelly Written by :Ernest Lehman Michael Stewart (I)   Released :December 16, 1969 Cast : Barbra Streisand as. Dolly Levi W
Deep Search for Hello, Dolly! (1969)

1970 Oscars 
Best Documentary, Short Subjects * Czechoslovakia 1968 (1969) - Denis Sanders; Robert M. Fresco * Impression of John Steinbeck: Writer, An (1969) - Donald Wrye
1970 Oscars 
Alan Bergman (I) (lyrics); Marilyn Bergman (lyrics) - For the song "What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?" * Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The (1969
Planet Of The Apes Filmography Cast and Credits of cast and crew ...  
1972 Corky. TV MOVIE. 1969 Then Came Bronson. H. The People Next Door (October 15). 1968-1968 Confidential for Women. 1969-1969 NET Playhouse. The Prodigal (May 1).
1970) [Woman in Elevator] Man on a Swing (1974) [Mrs Behavior (1989) [Site Committee] Awakenings (1990) [Lucy] Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) [Carolyn
made for TV or cable (V) = made for video movie (*) = currently available Raid, The (1972) [Allen] Dying Room Only (1973) (*) (TV) Hawkins on Murder &#
Search Score - 41%

Chill Out (1999) (TV)
Directed by : Andreas Struck Written by :Andreas Struck Cast : Tatjana Blacher as. Anna Sebastian Blomberg as. Johann Werner Heinrichmöller as. Mann am S
Deep Search for Chill Out (1999) (TV)

[Acid Jazz and Chill Out] - TranceAddict.com - A Site for Trance ...  
of an English compilation series that reissued jazz-funk music from the the late '80s and early '90s: live bands such as , James Taylor Quartet, the Brand New
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