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Camera (2000/I)
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Search Score - 82%

"Divorce Court" (1986)
Directed by : Written by : Length : USA:30 mins Cast : Martha Smith (I) as. On Camera Host (110 episodes) rest of cast listed alphabetically Vince Fl
Deep Search for "Divorce Court" (1986)

1991) DIVORCE COURT: [title unknown] Dreamscape (1984) Drug Wars: The Cocaine Cartel (TV) (19 Memory" (21 Feb 73) McCLOUD [NBC MYSTERY MOVIE]: "The
Denial DIVORCE COURT: [title unknown] Dreamscape (1984) Drug Wars: The Cocaine Cartel (TV) (19 Memory" (21 Feb 73) McCLOUD [NBC MYSTERY MOVIE]: "The
Last Hard Man, The (1976) Love and the Midnight Auto Supply (1978) MEDICAL CENTER: "Fatal Memory" (21 Feb 73) McCLOUD [NBC MYSTERY MOVIE]: "The
"Fatal Memory" (21 Feb 73) McCLOUD [NBC MYSTERY MOVIE]: "The Mother, Jugs and Speed" (TV pilot) (17 Aug 78) Murder in Peyton Place (TV&
The (1949) Last Hunt, The (1956) Last Movie, The (1971 Birthday" (1985) DAKTARI: "Goodbye, Wameru" (1967) DANNY THOMAS HOUR, THE: &q
Welches disclose finances in divorce court (USA TODAY)
Few answers in family tragedy (Chicago Tribune)
National Ratings in Syndication: Season To-Date Report Card 
Search Score - 75%

Virtue (1999/II)
Directed by : Camera Obscura Written by :Camera Obscura Released :February 5, 1999 Cast : Jello Biafra as. VR Poker Dealer Connie Champagne as. Hund
Deep Search for Virtue (1999/II)

Jello Biafra Biography and Filmography
Virtue(1999). Widower, The(1999). Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore(1997). This Is America Part 2(1977). Amazon.com 100 Hot DVDs Click here to buy movie posters!
Tom Virtue Unofficial Site - Bio Pictures Photos Movie Film 
Link esterni. Internet Movie Database. Tom Virtue Tom Virtue. And You Call Yourself a Scientist! -The Darwin Conspiracy (1999) Director: Winrich Kolbe.
MSN Entertainment - Movies: Warriors of Virtue 
DVD/Video Release Information. Warriors of Virtue [P&S] - January 19, 1999. User Reviews. Be the first to write a review of this movie! Cast & Crew.
Kimberley Warnat
Melissa Bradley 1997 - Warriors of Virtue - Lisa 1998 - Silver Wolf - Lucinda Rockwell 1999 - Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (TV Movie) - Christine Ahearn
Firstandsecond.com - India's Biggest Video Stop 
Wanted Dead Or Alive (1987) / Wide Screen, Warriors Of Virtue / Movie, Wheels On Meals / Wide Screen & Ac-3 & Subtitled, Whatever It Takes (1999) / Wide Screen,
Search Score - 68%

Aztec Camera
Music Artist/Band
Deep Search for Aztec Camera

melodic, Velvet Underground has had on the overall style of Aztec Camera. Which, considering those crazy cartwheeling lyrics, often wandering into straight
Campbell Owens : Former Member of Aztec Camera and Music Industry ...
 - Campbell Owens : Former Member of Aztec Camera and Music Industry Lecturer. Interview conducted by Caroline Gorman Music Business ...
VH1.com : Aztec Camera : Artist Main
 - ... Receive Free Artist Updates For Aztec Camera. Receive Free Music News Daily. Lisa Marie Presley Listen to new album and watch video. ...
RollingStone.com - Aztec Camera Main
 - ... Write a trivia question! Aztec Camera Archive. Subscribe to Rolling Stone. ... Click For The Ultimate Music Download Store! Music Biz Summer Internship—Apply Now! ...
Free Music Download, MP3 Music, Music Chat, Music Video, Music CD ...
 - ... See All Aztec Camera Music. ... All Music Guide Profile Club 80s With DJ Lex Internet Radio - Aztec Camera, Killermontstreet.com Classics del rock/Aztec Camera. ...
Search Score - 52%

Zhivago: Behind the Camera with David Lean (1965)
Directed by : Written by : Cast : David Lean as. Himself   
Deep Search for Zhivago: Behind the Camera with David Lean (1965)

FFA title list 
Arden 19 FDR Declaration of war 20 Famous movie monsters: The Rogers - Cowboy Humanist 91 The Wolfman on header 92 Zhivago - Behind the camera with David Lean.
Search Score - 52%

Candid Camera Story (Very Candid) of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures 1937 Convention, The (1937)
Directed by : Written by :
Deep Search for Candid Camera Story (Very Candid) of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures 1937 Convention, The (1937)

Search Score - 51%

Jeepers Creepers 2: Lights, Camera, Creeper (2003) (V)
Directed by : Greg Carson Written by : Released :December 23, 2003 Cast : Victor Salva as. Himself   
Deep Search for Jeepers Creepers 2: Lights, Camera, Creeper (2003) (V)

Search Score - 50%

Wooden Camera, The (2003)
Directed by : Ntshaveni Wa Luruli Written by :Yves Buclet (written by)Peter Speyer (co-writer) Released :April 10, 2004 Cast : Jean-Pierre Cass
Deep Search for Wooden Camera, The (2003)

Search Score - 49%

Camera Shy (2004)
Directed by : Written by : Released :April 28, 2004
Deep Search for Camera Shy (2004)

Search Score - 47%

Begin the Beguine (2003) (V)
Directed by : Peter Fitzgerald Written by :Peter Fitzgerald Released :April 22, 2003 Cast : Ann Miller as. On Camera Host Fred Astaire as. Himself E
Deep Search for Begin the Beguine (2003) (V)

Search Score - 46%

Satin and Silk (2003) (V)
Directed by : Peter Fitzgerald Written by :Peter Fitzgerald Released :April 22, 2003 Cast : Cyd Charisse as. On Camera Host Fred Astaire as. Himself
Deep Search for Satin and Silk (2003) (V)

Search Score - 46%

Typewriter, the Rifle & the Movie Camera, The (1996)
Directed by : Adam Simon  Written by :Adam Simon  Released :June 28, 1996 Genre : Documentary Length : 55 (Sweden) / Sweden:55 / USA
Deep Search for Typewriter, the Rifle & the Movie Camera, The (1996)

Search Score - 45%

King Leisure, S.O.B. (2004)
Directed by : Pat DiNizio Written by :Pat DiNizio Released :February 6, 2004 Cast : Pat DiNizio as. Vince/King Leisure rest of cast listed alphabeticall
Deep Search for King Leisure, S.O.B. (2004)

Search Score - 45%

Hating Every Minute (2003) (V)
Directed by : Jacki Ramsey Written by : Released :July 8, 2003 Cast : Bruce Campbell as. Himself Matt Cantu as. Himself Brian Crisan as. Himsel
Deep Search for Hating Every Minute (2003) (V)

Search Score - 43%

True Love (2003) (V)
Directed by : Peter Fitzgerald Written by :Peter Fitzgerald Released :December 15, 2003 Cast : Celeste Holm as. On Camera Host Grace Kelly as. Hersel
Deep Search for True Love (2003) (V)

The Minstrel Players Online 
fulfilled her lifelong dream of marrying her true love, the greatest man in the world, Jef She appeared in the movie, "A Low Down Dirty Shame" and was featured
Add a comment, The Pentagon Papers Caught a made-for-TV movie on the Pentagon Papers last night. Suffering Bastards Bring About True Love.
Laurabelle's Blog: True love and high adventure 
True love and high adventure. They're the reason I love the book so much more than the movie, because the book tells their stories, especially that of Inigo.
Lit.Org : The Write Off : The Write Off: Love Hurts : Writers ...
Love hurts.? she replied of the characters, and I thought the entire, "You always did believe in true love," bit was a little too Cheesy B-Villain Movie for me
The Patsy Cline Fan Forum - Page 16
True Love" is one of my favorite songs. A few weeks ago I heard Bing Crosby sing "True Love" in the movie "High Society". A true joy to be around!
TRUE LOVE, MATT? (PageSix.com)
Kid Rock’s True Love Reflected In ’Picture’ 
TAKING THE CHILDREN; Bombs Away! War Is Heck, But True Love Survives $2.50 (The New York Times Archive)
Queen Latifah hopes to bring down the house with first movie lead _ but music’s her true love (AP)
Search Score - 43%

Dweller (2002) (V)
Directed by : Mark Polonia Written by :John Polonia Released : Cast : Leslie Culton as. Hiker Jeff Dylan Graham as. Trevor Gale Largey as. Man With Video
Deep Search for Dweller (2002) (V)

!happyrobot ::2003::
2 Sentence Movie Review: lilja 4-ever. Robot Island 30 Great Things Written in 2002 Dicks with Chicks From Brooklyn to Iberia How to Pick Up Girls Edge Dweller
Son-In-Law @ Hollywood.com. Movie synopsis, review, trailer, cast ...  
Son-In-Law (1993) Synopsis: A city dweller falls in love with a country bumpkin and goes back to the farm to meet her parents. Movie details continue below.
Thomas Ryder at XXX Movie Pro, VoD (Adult Video On Demand) DivX( ...
THE BOTTOM DWELLER’s final voyage unfolds as the dark and devious Santino Lee and his Here at XXX Movie Pro we just present the data a bit differently by
Amazon.com: Listmania! City of Lost Angels: LA After Dark
Browse: Books. City of Lost Angels: LA After Dark by Jim Paris, Dweller in Mean Streets E
Search Score - 43%

R3 (2003)
Directed by : Betty Thomas (I) Written by :Peter Murrieta Cast : Joey Lawrence as. Host (as Joseph Lawrence) Brooke Totman Dane Cook as. Tony Phil
Deep Search for R3 (2003)

Search Score - 42%

Put the Camera on Me (2003)
Directed by : Adam Shell Written by :Adam Shell Darren Stein Released :June 7, 2003 Cast : Darren Stein as. Himself Adam Shell as. Himself Michael
Deep Search for Put the Camera on Me (2003)

Search Score - 41%

Shooting LA (2001)
Directed by : Dan Clark (VII) Written by :Dan Clark (VII) Cast : Guilford Adams as. Casting Assistant David Askew as. The Cook Raymundo Baltazar
Deep Search for Shooting LA (2001)

Dino De Laurentiis web site 
during which Ponti-De Laurentiis triumph: Best Producers, Best Movie and Best the project to Peppino Amato March 17 - Fellini starts shooting La dolce vita for
Shooting LA (2001) Unofficial Movie Site - Trailers Review Trivia ...  
Biography Ben Slack Shooting LA, The Cretin, 2001, Movie. Death Benefit, Eddie Edison, 1997, Movie. The Shadow Men, Doctor, 1997, Movie. Mur
Babylon 5 Cast 
Murder by Numbers (2002) NYPD Blue (2001-02) Shooting LA (2001) Deep Space Nine First Day (2001) Cab to Canada (1998) The Batman/Superman Movie (1998)
Babylon 5 Cast 
Angel (1994) Surgical Strike (1994) Motorcycle Gang (1994) No Child of Mine (1993) Love Day (2001) Cab to Canada (1998) The Batman/Superman Movie (
Babylon 5 Cast 
She Wrote (1988,91) Child in the Night (1990) Spy (1989) Blind Witness (1989) My First Day (2001) Cab to Canada (1998) The Batman/Superman Movie (1
Search Score - 41%

Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming, The (1962)
Directed by : George Waggner Written by :Vincent Fotre Cast : Jack Kelly as. Jerry Donovan Jeanne Cooper as. Helen Donovan Peter Brown as. Bill Martin Pat Wo
Deep Search for Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming, The (1962)

Search Score - 41%

Berlin Nights (2000)
Directed by : Gabriela Tscherniak Written by :Gabriela Tscherniak Cast : Milton Welsh as. TV Presenter Dirk Borchardt as. Lutz Marc Buanga as. Co-Presenter M
Deep Search for Berlin Nights (2000)

Search Score - 41%

Guy (1996)
Directed by : Michael Lindsay-Hogg Written by :Kirby Dick Released :December 17, 1997 Cast : Hope Davis (I) as. Camera Vincent D’Onofrio a
Deep Search for Guy (1996)

Search Score - 41%

Ralph S. Mouse (1987) (TV)
Directed by : Thomas G. Smith  Written by :Beverly Cleary  (novel) Joe S. Landon  Genre : Family Cast : Karen Black as. Miss Kuchenbacker Jim
Deep Search for Ralph S. Mouse (1987) (TV)

2000 [G] A Goofy movie 1995 [G] Gordy 1995 [G] Goya awakened in a 1992 [H] How to be a ballerina 1995 [H] How to be a perfect person in just three days 1983 [H
2000 [G] A Goofy movie 1995 [G] Gordy 1995 [G] Goya awakened in a dream 1994 [H] The Hideaways 1990 [H] The Hideaways 1990 [H] Hiroshima maiden 1988 [H] Hitting
Margret 1.3 0.5 40190 Curious George Goes to a Movie Rey, Margret Principal Lives Next Door Sanibel-Elementary 2.0 0.5 7697 Talking Eggs, The SanSouci, Robert D
Adler, David A. 2.4. 1.0. Cam JansenMonster Movie. Adler, David A. 3.9. 1.0. Agee, Jon. 2.4. 0.5. Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The. Aiken, Joan. 6.8. 7.0. Henry Ford.
QUIZ # TITLE AUTHOR LEVEL POINTS 7659 Borreguita and the Coyote ...
1.0. 17664, Cam JansenMonster Movie, Adler, David A. 3.9, 1.0. 3.0. 10538, Princess and the Pea, The, Andersen, Hans Christian, 3.4, 0.5.
Search Score - 39%

Camera (2000/I)
Directed by : David Cronenberg Written by :David Cronenberg Cast : Marc Donato as. Lead Kyle Kassardjian as. Lead rest of cast listed alphabetically Harrison Ca
Deep Search for Camera (2000/I)

4 Camera Deals .com - the best deals on everything related to ...  
Camera Body Parts. Film & Movie Cameras. Film, Movie Camera Accessories. Film & Processing Services. Camera Filters. Darkroom Equip & Supplies. Vintage Cameras.
Camera Review
... We do a large amount of foul hunting in the fall and found that the shooting and retrieve shots of the dogs were always perfect without a great deal of ...
Subminiature Camera Stuff?What’s New?
... XKAES!). 21 May 2000: Fleshed out JFK movie entry and aded History Undercover TV entry (thanks Denis!) to the Submini Cameos page. ...
Subminiature Camera Stuff—What’s New?
 - ... 20 February 2001 Finally added a couple of more pictures to the Gallery. 6 November 2000 Added entry for Up Periscope (movie). 5 ...
FilmScape - Taglines : F 
Flick (2000) Write a Story, Get a Camera, Make a Movie Flight of the Intruder (1990) The only French Without Tears (1939) How to win a manin 4 easy lessons!
Veo to Ship New Digital Camera for Creative Minds (PR Newswire)
San Francisco to Get More Red-Light Cameras (KPIX)
Nikon rolls out new digital cameras, iMac contest (MacCentral)
Find Out If You’re the Hottest or Coolest With Polaroid’s New i-Zone Color Changing Instant Camera (PR Newswire)
Search Score - 39%

Rachel’s Attic (2002)
Directed by : David Tybor Written by :David Tybor Released :June 11, 2002 Cast : Rachel Nord as. Rachel Bishop Gunnar Hansen as. Ronald Alex Alexan
Deep Search for Rachel’s Attic (2002)

Search Score - 39%

You Stupid Man (2002)
Directed by : Brian Burns (I) Written by :Brian Burns (I) Released : Cast : David Krumholtz as. Owen Milla Jovovich as. Nadine Denise Richards
Deep Search for You Stupid Man (2002)

2000) 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) Not Another Teen Movie (2001) High 2002) Te Wu Mi Cheng (The Accidental Spy) (2001) Espinazo del Diablo, El (The Devil&#
1:29:01 512?288 688 2001 Not Another Teen Movie 44100 Stereo 553 ???????????? ?????? 1:33:45 512?384 684 1997 Deadly Ransom 44100 Stereo
Cinemasters - Film and Television Performances
FILM. Movie Title. Distribution. Release Date. Titles Used. Table One. HBO. Feb 1, ’03. Just Another Kiss, As If It Were Yesterday. You Stupid Man. Hamptons Festival.
Milla-Jovovich.net - Filmography Information 
V Graham Norton" (2002) playing "Herself" (episode # 1.47) 9 July 2002; "Willemsens Woche" (1994 Filmography information courtesy of Internet Movie Databa
You Stupid Man 
Chloe William Baldwin . Jessica Cauffiel . Diane Emmanuel Arruda . Network Executive Dan Montgomery Jr. . Jack Michael A. Nickles .
Search Score - 39%

Lights, Camera, Annie! (1982) (TV)
Directed by : Written by : Cast : Albert Finney as. Oliver ’Daddy’ Warbucks Carol Burnett as. Miss Hannigan Ann Reinking as. Ms. Grace Farrell/Mr
Deep Search for Lights, Camera, Annie! (1982) (TV)

Search Score - 38%

Stand der Dinge, Der (1982)
Directed by : Wim Wenders Written by :Robert Kramer (I) Josh Wallace   Released : Cast : Isabelle Weingarten as. Anna Rebecca Pauly as. Joan Jeff
Deep Search for Stand der Dinge, Der (1982)

The 80s Server -- Movies: Directory for 1982 
Shakti (1982). Shanghai 1937 (1982); Sheet Grishmer Smriti (1982); Shocking Accident, A (1982 Smithereens (1982); Smrt gospodina Goluze (1982); Snow: The M
Reverse Angle (1982) (TV) 22. Stand der Dinge, Der (1982) tcc Nicks Movie (1980) (West Germany) tcc Relámpago sobre el agua (1980) (España) 2
movies and TV-series. It is compatible with the other movie-lists posted on "rec.arts.movies". The following table gives
AA) Blakley, Ronee Lightning Over Water (aka Nick’s Movie - Lightning Over Gershwin, George American in Paris, An Gertz, Irving Congo Crossing First Traveling
Total Recall Twilight Zone - The Movie Twilight\\’s Last Gleaming Under Fire (1983 Family Upside Down, A (TV) Far Country, The (1955) Fine Mess, A Fireman, Save
Search Score - 38%

All the Right Noises (1969)
Directed by : Written by :Gerry O\\’Hara (also novel) Cast : Tom Bell (I) as. Len Larry Burns (I) as. Second musician Peter Burton
Deep Search for All the Right Noises (1969)

1985.TM.-Santa claus-The Movie./TM.-Enemy Mine/TM.-Out of Africa.1986 The Sea Gull/1969.All the Right Noises/Hamlet.1970.The Go-Between/Macho Callahan/Ned Kelly
Hollywood Boulevard: Olivia Hussey Movies 
Jess Bradford - Lost Horizon (1973) . Maria - Verano para matar, Un (1972) . Tania Scarlotti - H-Bomb (1971) - All the Right Noises (1969) .
Televison and Movies 
TV Movie . Midge Taylor. All the Right Noises (1969) . Joy. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In TV Series . Regular Performer (1968-1970) Love on a Rooftop TV
E! Online - Credits - Tom Bell
New Movie Reviews: We rate Phone Booth, What a Girl Wants, A Man Apart 1975) Quest for Love (1971) All the Right Noises (1971) In Enemy Country (1968) Ballad in
Search Score - 37%

Lipstick Camera (1994)
Directed by : Mike Bonifer Written by :Mike Bonifer L.G. Weaver Released :April 13, 1994 Cast : Brian Wimmer as. Flynn Dailey Ele Keats as. Omy Clar
Deep Search for Lipstick Camera (1994)

Rick's Video-online rental of videos, DVDs and games! 
R Lightning Jack 1994 PG-13 Lightning Over Water (aka Nick's Movie - Lightning Over Limey 1999 R 1:29 Limit Up 1989 PG-13 Lincoln and the War Within 1992 NR
HIT DVD | DVD: Lipstick Camera (1994) PRICE: $11.69
Lipstick Camera (1994 Wasn’t this on cable?, I saw this movie on a premium channel, it was kinda neat, it’s about a little camera somepeople put in a house on a
Hollywood Boulevard: Corey Feldman Movies
bobby keller - lipstick camera (1994) . joule iverson - south beach academy (1994) . billy spencer - maverick (1994) .
AMCTV.com SHOW - Lipstick Camera
Ele Keats, the leading actress in Lipstick Camera, was born Elemy Georgescu in Paris, France, and modeled before becoming an actress. Lipstick Camera (1994).
Terry O’Quinn
... 1993) Lipstick Camera (1994) A Friend To Die For (1994) MacShayne: Winner Takes
Search Score - 37%

Garfield in Paradise (1986) (TV)
Directed by : Phil Roman Written by :Jim Davis (II) (comic strip)Jim Davis (II) Cast : Lorenzo Music as. Garfield (voice) rest of cast l
Deep Search for Garfield in Paradise (1986) (TV)

IMDb: Plot Summary Browser: G
1996) Garage, The (1919) Garazh (1979) Garbage Pail Kids Movie, The (1987 tombeaux, Le (2002) Garfield in Paradise (1986) (TV) Garfield in the Rough &#
Hal Smith
moe; Garfield in paradise (1986) (tv) (voice) . muscles/boris/third cyclone; "abc saturday superstar movie, the" (1972) tv series;
The Wolfman Jack Online Musuem : Wolfman History
the movie also, once and for all, removed the mystery behind bob smith’s character, and Wolfman Jack was about himself 4.Garfield in paradise (1986) (tv) (voice
IMDb: Plot Summary Browser: G
1996) Garage, The (1919) Garazh (1979) Garbage Pail Kids Movie, The (1987 Gardens of Stone (1987) Gardien des tombeaux, Le (2002) Garfield in Paradise (198
The Data Nexus
Drop Zone (1994), 275. DuckTales: Fearless Fortune Hunters, 276. DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990), 277. Garfield in Paradise (1986) (TV), 347.
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