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Nola (2002)
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Sami (2001)
Directed by : Lukas Nola Written by :Lukas Nola Cast : Leon Lucev Nina Violic Nerma Kreso Jakov Nola Inge Apelt (as Inge Appelt) Ksenija Marinkovic (as Ksenij
Deep Search for Sami (2001)

Yusef: Mohammed Bakri. Avi: Yoav Dekelbaum. Achmel: Sami Samir. Galic: Limor Goldstein. Necheal: Ariel Horowitz. Hamid’s Father: Arieh Elias.
Iraqi Jews
Nr.133 - Wed ,4.Dec.2002 21:00:51 Name = Dallal Sami ( Samir ) E-Mail = [email protected] Homepage = country: Israel To everybody who knows me, I am looking for
AMCTV.com BIOGRAPHY - Sami Samir
8:00:PM, THE BIRDCAGE. 10:25:PM, THE STEPFORD WIVES. DID YOU KNOW? Go2Broadband, Sami Samir The Body (2001). In The Spotlight ! Get the game Reel Clues!
Koneser { Internetowy Magazyn Kulturalny }
Antonio Banderas, Olivia Williams, Derek Jacobi, Mohammed Bakri, Yoav Dekelbaum, Jason Flemyng, Makram Khoury, Joni Nykänen, Sami Samir, John Shrapnel, John
Sami Frey 
Le Journal d'un suicidé (1972) César et Rosalie (1972) Sweet Movie (1974) Le L'Africana (1990) Contre l'oubli (1991) La Voix (1992) Zwische
Search Score - 120%

Rusko meso (1997)
Directed by : Lukas Nola Written by :Lukas Nola Cast : Ivo Gregurevic as. Vuk Barbara Nola as. Ida Palamar Goran Grgic as. Hrvoje Ljubo Kapor Inge Apelt a
Deep Search for Rusko meso (1997)

Central Europe Review - The Pursuit of Unhappiness
of lukas nola rusko meso (russian meat, 1997) as about hribar’s puska za uspavljivanje. and-white, this rebel film (with the subtitle "new movie, same story
Search Score - 79%

Nola (2002)
directed by : alan hruska written by :alan hruska released :may 8, 2003 cast : Emmy Rossum as. nola mary mcdonnell as. margaret steven bauer as.
Deep Search for Nola (2002)

email from NOLA 
Cage has recently been directing a movie around here and is seen at nightspots to line her cat's litter box--were rolled up neatly by my pallet on the floor.
LARRY PINE FILMOGRAPHY · Nola (2002) · Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler (2002) · Academy Boyz (2001) · Shipping News, The (2001) · Royal Tenenbaums, The (2001
... 50.Malevolent(2002) 49.Nola(2002)....Leo 48.King of Texas (2002) (TV) ....
NOLA.com Movies New Orleans Louisiana movie listings and reviews ...
... a Boy Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Enough Ice Age Importance of Being Earnest
Steven Bauer
... Actor - filmography (2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s): Malevolent (2002); Nola (2002)
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Naked Wishes (2000)
Directed by : Mike Sedan Written by : Cast : Jeff Kueppers as. Taj/Mahal Chanda Marie as. Sam/Samithia Lance Moseley as. Ahmed Jennifer Marks as. Nola
Deep Search for Naked Wishes (2000)

Search Score - 46%

Je li jasno prijatelju? (2000)
Directed by : Dejan Acimovic Written by :Dejan Acimovic Cast : Milan Plestina as. Martin Milivoj Beader Ivan Brkic Ljubo Zecevic Radko Polic as. Upravnik zatvora
Deep Search for Je li jasno prijatelju? (2000)

Search Score - 45%

Giorni cantati, I (1979)
Directed by : Paolo Pietrangeli Written by :Giovanna Marini Francesco Massaro   Cast : Paolo Pietrangeli as. Marco Mariangela Melato as. Angela rest of cast
Deep Search for Giorni cantati, I (1979)

Search Score - 44%

Simones Labyrinth (2003)
Directed by : Iván Sáinz-Pardo Written by :Iván Sáinz-Pardo Released :March 19, 2004 Cast : Laura Sonntag as. Simone Catherine H. Fle
Deep Search for Simones Labyrinth (2003)

Search Score - 44%

Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938)
Directed by : Norman Foster Written by :Norman Foster Philip MacDonald   Released :October 14, 1938 Cast : Peter Lorre as. Mr. Moto Mary Maguire as
Deep Search for Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938)

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Postcard Bandit, The (2003) (TV)
Directed by : Tony Tilse Written by :Peter Gawler Cast : Tom Long as. Brenden James Abbott Brett Stiller as. Glenn Abbott Matthew Le Nevez as. Aaron Reynolds
Deep Search for Postcard Bandit, The (2003) (TV)

Search Score - 43%

Somebody Loves Me (1952)
Directed by : Irving Brecher Written by :Irving Brecher (written by) Released :September 24, 1952 Cast : Betty Hutton as. Blossom ’Bloss&rsqu;
Deep Search for Somebody Loves Me (1952)

Betty Hutton 
of the Serials, in "The Perils of Pauline." For delighted movie-goers she Next on Betty's list of screen biographies came "Incendiary Blonde" in which she
Jump Swing, Cornell, Ithaca NY : tunes 
Johnny Jingo, 200, Linda And The Big King Jive Daddies. Somebody Loves Me, 180, Bill Elliott Orchestra. GROOVY MOVIE pro-am: in its purest form.
The Perry Como Home on the Internet 
(1946) One of Perry's few movie roles, also with Dinah Shore) 5. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me - (with Dinah Shore) 6. Somebody Loves Me / Remember Me?
E! Online - Movie Facts - Somebody Loves Me (1952) 
Today's Best Bets ? "Dirrty" girl ? Maher ranting ? Mess hall. Somebody Loves Me. Category: Musical. log in or register to grade, movie availability.
George Gershwin Piano Works 
Good, Preludes 1,2,3, Rhapsody in Blue, Slap that Bass, Somebody Loves Me, Someone to George & Ira Gershwin - the Movie Years - Music from: A DamseL in Distress
Jessica Molaskey Sings Peggy Lee, Pizzarelli and More on New Album, "A Good Day" 
Search Score - 42%

Casa di cura (2000) (V)
Directed by : Max Bellocchio Written by : Cast : Joy Karins as. Direttrice Philippe Dean as. Robert rest of cast listed alphabetically Max Bellocchio as. P
Deep Search for Casa di cura (2000) (V)

Search Score - 41%

Quel gran pezzo della Ubalda tutta nuda e tutta calda (1973)
Directed by : Mariano Laurenti Written by :Tito Carpi Luciano Martino Cast : Edwige Fenech as. Ubalda Pippo Franco as. Olimpio de’ Pannocchieschi Karin Schub
Deep Search for Quel gran pezzo della Ubalda tutta nuda e tutta calda (1973)

Search Score - 40%

Following Her Heart (1994) (TV)
Directed by : Lee Grant (I) Written by : Released :November 28, 1994 Cast : Ann-Margret as. Lena George Segal as. Harry Brenda Vaccaro as.
Deep Search for Following Her Heart (1994) (TV)

SHOT SHOW Online News Service
1995 The Best of Country, Host. 1994 Cowboy Way, Imagine Films. 1994 Tales From the Crypt, HBO. 1994 Following Her Heart. 1992 Rio Diablo, CBS Movie of the Week.
Ann-Margret posters, store, photos, pictures, information, ...  
Sue Ann Ann-Margret: Hollywood Movie Girls (1980) (TV) . Herself Magic (1978) . Peggy Ann Snow Cinderella at the Palace (1978) (TV) .
E! Online - Movie Facts - Following Her Heart (1994)
Very Barry ? Cutters rule. Following Her Heart. Category: Drama. Director: Lee Grant. log in or register to grade, movie availability. In Theaters.
Brenda Vaccaro Biography and Filmography
[ Samantha Eggar ]. following her heart (made for tv) (1994). love affair (1994). [ edy williams ]. amazon.com 100 hot dvds click here to buy movie posters!
Hollywood.com Celebrity Biography - Ann-Margret
Ann-Margret productions) star vehicles for herself like "following her heart" (nbc, 1994 an emmy-nominated role in the lifetime biographical movie "life of the
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My Louisiana Sky (2001) (TV)
Directed by : Adam Arkin  Written by :(WGA) Kimberly Willis Holt  (novel) Anna Sandor  (teleplay) Released :May 13, 2001 Genre
Deep Search for My Louisiana Sky (2001) (TV)

IMDb: Literature Browser: M 
of Casterbridge, The (2001) (TV) Mayor of Filbert, The (1919) Mayrig (1991) Maz 1917) Midnight Man, The (1974) Midnight Mass (2002) Midnight Movie
Screen Source: Videos Available in 2001 
VHS / DVD. 14 - House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute (2000), VHS. VHS / DVD. 21 - Pokimon 3 the Movie: Spell of the Unknown (2001) G - Veronica Taylor, VHS / DVD.
FICTION Snow day 2000 DVD FICTION JUVENILE Soccer dog : the movie / 2002 DVD lips 2000 DVD FICTION The sting 1998 DVD FICTION Strange impersonation 2000 DVD
youthinfilm.org - Movies with Child Actors 
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995), Mikey (1992). Mile Zero (2001) (Canadian), Miles From Home. Mission To Mars (2000), Mister 880 (1950).
youthinfilm.org - Movies with Child Actors 
North (1994), North Shore. Not Angels But Angels (1994) (Czech), Not Another Teen Movie (2001). (1968). Olivier, Olivier (1992) (French), Olly
2002 Humanitas Prize Winners Announced (PR Newswire)
SHOWTIME Original Pictures For All Ages Presents ’JUST A DREAM’ on Sunday, August 25, at 8:00 PM (PR Newswire)
2002 Humanitas Prize(R) Finalists Announced (PR Newswire)
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Hills of Utah, The (1951)
Directed by : John English (I) Written by :Gerald Geraghty (I) (screenplay)Les Savage Jr. (story) Released :September 30, 1951 Cast&n;
Deep Search for Hills of Utah, The (1951)

Tommy Ivo page at The Z-Ride Young Actors and Musicians Site 
enjoyed the hospital scene (if you've seen the movie you know Ed. "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" (1951) in episode: "Johnny Deuce (aka, Bitter Creek Masquerade
William Fawcett"
One of his last being Menace On The Mountain a Walt Disney TV movie in 1970. Bill passed away on January 25, 1974 in Sherman Oaks, CA. of circulation problems.
William Fawcett"
Horsefly Comancheros, The (1961) poker player (note: Both Fawcett and Roger Mobley appeared in this movie). Painter Springfield Rifle (1952) (uncredited) .
Fawcett, William 
offers photos and a biography.
Fawcett, William 
offers photos and a biography.
Search Score - 38%

Dead Tides (1997)
Directed by : Serge Rodnunsky Written by :Serge Rodnunsky Released :August 19, 1997 Cast : Roddy Piper as. Mick Leddy Tawny Kitaen as. Nola Trevor G
Deep Search for Dead Tides (1997)

extern-tv.de | Television 
Pool The (3) Dead Ringers (5) Dead Tides (2) Dead Trilogy (29) Deadrockstar (5) Dear Double Take (7) Double Tap (6) Double Team (4) Dou
CHIXinFLIX.com: Tawny Kitaen Filmography
we\\’d also be interested in any trivia or other information you have. movie credits. dead tides (1997). glory years (made for tv) (1987). instant justice (1986)
Movies.com - 
Tawny Kitaen. Dead Tides (1997) Nola Playback (1996) Sara Burgess Three of Hearts (1993) Woman in Bar Crystal Heart (1987)
Movie Cast and Quotes Sites - D 
Let us know if there is a movie, cast, or quote that you cannot find. of Night Dead Poets Society The Dead Pool Dead Ringers Dead Tides Deadrockstar Dear God
About Trevor 
Movies: When Billy Beat Bobby(Made for TV) (2000); Hollywood Vampyr (2000); Dead Assault on Devil's Island (1997) (TV Movie) - Fraker; Dead Tides (1997
Search Score - 38%

All-American Boy, The (1973)
Directed by : Charles Eastman Written by :Charles Eastman Cast : Jon Voight as. Vic Bealer Carole Androsky as. Rodine Anne Archer as. Drenna Valentine Gene B
Deep Search for All-American Boy, The (1973)

Widescreen Movie Title List 
Justice (1993) Extreme Limits (2001) An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) Extreme 1973) The Five Pennies (1959) The Five Senses (1999) Five the Hard Way (19
Movies by Title - The Internet Movie Store (TIM-Store.com) 
Babar The Movie Babbitt Babe Babe Babe - Pig In The City Babe Ruth Babe Ruth Take A Bow Baby The Baby The Rain Must Fall Baby Tramp Babycakes Babyfever Babys
Turkey.com Discussion Forum - MIDNIGHT EXPRESS-a must read 
I remember the first time I realized the seriousness of the damage caused by "Midnight Express." It was, I think, a few weeks after the movie had been released
movies - 1973 
Welcome to: Learn About Movie Posters, Farmer's Daughter, The Female Response, The Filthiest Show in Town, The Five on the Black Hand Side Flying Acquaintances
American Graffiti 
of historical fiction; no sociological treatise could duplicate the movie's success in older until she climbs into his 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe, then becoming
Search Score - 38%

Beverly Hood (1999)
Directed by : Tyler Maddox-Simms Written by : Cast : Chris Albanese as. Salon Manager Leila Arcieri as. Pam Washington Richard Balin as. Howard Blake Marques
Deep Search for Beverly Hood (1999)

Apollo Guide : More Info About \’Leila Arcieri\’
Buy Posters and Prints at AllPosters.com! Click Here. Leila Arcieri. this biography is still under construction. Title. Year. Apollo Score. Beverly Hood (Actor), 1999.
QwikFLiks - Movie Search
Beverly Hood (1999), NR, Action / Adventure, Black and Blue (2000), NR, Action / Adventure, 33. Kate & Leopold. 34. Jackass: The Movie (Full Screen). 35. The Majestic.
DVD Releases: September 2001 Week 4 
1. Best of the Web Vol. 3. Beverly Hood ~ Beverly Hood. Big Brother Trouble ~ Ralph Portillo. Planetout.Com Short Movie Awar ~ Planetout.Com Short Movie Awar.
movies - 1999 
the Lines Beverly Hood Bicentennial Man Big Beat Heat, The Big Brass Ring, The Big Daddy Doomsday Man Doorman, The Double Jeopardy Doug's 1st Movie Dragon Gate
Search Score - 38%

Jesse Ventura Story, The (1999) (TV)
Directed by : David Jackson (I) Written by :(WGA)Patricia Jones (written by) &Donald Reiker (written by) Released :May 23, 1999 C
Deep Search for Jesse Ventura Story, The (1999) (TV)

Out of Print Music .Com Online Catalog<br>Section JE 
..:: XPA Wrestling ::..
and hate (1996) Barb Wire (1996) Phat Beach (1996) Street Corner Justice (1996) Below 1998) Judgement Day (1999) Circus (1999) The cheapest Movie e
..:: XPA Wrestling ::..
Kimberly Page, Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Mortuary Academy (1988). 1998) I got the hookup (1998) Judgement Day (1999) Circus (1999) The cheapest Movie eve
Release Wrestling Gold Colle Street Corner Justic Run-DMC - Let's ...  
Spring Break, Distinctive Movie, , Today's Deals in DVD, Documentary, Adult Entertainment Home Improvement 1-2-3. Cypress Edge, Mti Home Video, Rodnunsky, Serge
rescue: The Cathy Mahone story Twilight Zone - The movie Miss Marple ve got mail Rustlers' rhapsody Nowhere to hide Moment of truth: A child too many Return to
Search Score - 37%

Mirror, Mirror (1979) (TV)
Directed by : Joanna Lee (I) Written by :Charles Dennis Released :October 10, 1979 Cast : McKee Anderson as. Annie Peter Bonerz as. Andrew Mc
Deep Search for Mirror, Mirror (1979) (TV)

THE ACTORS LIST (SZ) PART VI of VI Name Movie List - - Sanderson ...  
Lord Jim Magnificent Seven, The Misfits, The Moon-Spinners, The Movie Movie Murder: By TV) Ordeal of Dr. Mudd, The (TV) Ordeal of Patty Hearst, The (TV) Return
Usual Suspects 
want for a gang slaying) and the special 2-hour TV-movie episode (as Actor filmography Rebels, The (1979) (TV) Benny and Barney: Las Vegas Undercover (1977) (TV
AUTHOR'S COURT , A 1979 1:32 C SPACE MARINES 1996 1:30 C SPACE MOVIE 1980 1 GREGORY 1945 1:03 B STRANGE ONE , the 1957 1:39 C STRANGE VOICES 1987 1:36 C STRANGE
KING AUTHOR'S COURT , A 1979 1:32 C SPACE MARINES 1996 1:30 C SPACE MOVIE 1980 1 1998 2:13 C SPHINX 1981 1:58 C SPICE WORLD 1998 1:32 C SPICY CITY -- # 1 1997
Search Score - 37%

Brood, The (1979)
Directed by : David Cronenberg Written by :David Cronenberg Released :May 25, 1979 Cast : Oliver Reed as. Dr. Hal Raglan Samantha Eggar as. Nola Carv
Deep Search for Brood, The (1979)

new book, a new CD, Fresh Poison (Sony - 1994), and a new movie, Rock?n Just For Fun/Things I Remeber - Philips JF 333 684(Holland) 1967 Kid Blue/Perfect Song
... Ferox [1981] Cannibal Holocaust [1979] The Cannonball Run [1981] Cannon Movie ... Mosura:
Cannibal Holocaust [1979] The Cannonball Run [1981] Cannon Movie Tales: Cinderella To Kill [1980] Dr Who and the Daleks [1965] Due occhi diabolici [1990] Dune
... fotografia (colori): mark irwin. effetti speciali: chris walas. interpreti: jeff goldblum
The Brood (1979)
THE BROOD (La Clinique de la terreur) (1979) DIRECTED BY - David Cronenberg STARRING - Oliver Reed, Samantha Eggar, Art Hindle, Henry Beckman, Nuala Fitzgerald
Search Score - 37%

She’s Gotta Have It (1986)
Directed by : Spike Lee Written by :Spike Lee Released :August 20, 1986 Cast : Tracy Camilla Johns as. Nola Darling Tommy Redmond Hicks as. Jamie Ove
Deep Search for She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

Search Score - 36%

Celebrity (1998)
Directed by : Woody Allen  Written by :(WGA) Woody Allen  (written by) Released :September 25, 1998 Genre : Comedy Length :
Deep Search for Celebrity (1998)

Movie Directory Listing
... Summer Picking Up the Pieces 2000 The Pickle 1992 Picknick im Schnee 1998 Picture Perfect 1997 Picture Windows: Song of Songs 1995 Pictures of Baby Jane Doe ...
Our Loved Celebrities - Nicolas Cage : Credits
... Movie Credits. ... Hollywood (1998) Face/Off (1997) Con Air (1997) Rock
Captain Sindbad, Byron Haskin, Guy Williams, Heidi Bruhl, 5,000, 11152. Christ - The Movie: 3 films by Mick Duffield, Mick Duffield, 6,000, 18363.
Smokin’ Stogies | connections from the producer...
... Joey Big Ears 10.Under Hellgate Bridge (1999) .... Big Sal 11.Entropy (1999) .... Sal 12.Undercurrent (1998) .... Edie Torelli 13.Vig (1998) (V) .... Pete .
E! Online - Movie Facts - Celebrity (1998)
 - ... search party • minnie mean? celebrity. ... buy the dvd! sorry, you need a javascript enabled browser to view this feature, movie availability. ...
Will Neuwirth and Reiser Star in Woody Allen’s ’Writer’s Block’? (Playbill)
Entertainment > Celebrity Couples -
Week One Results in Syndication: Caroline, Wayne Brady, Celebrity Justice (Mediaweek.com)
Celebrity justice for Winona Ryder (Reuters)
Web Users Most Interested in Three Celebrity Deaths, Two Summer Blockbuster Films and One Celebrity Who is Not Appearing Naked Online (Business Wi
Search Score - 35%

"Tom Stone" (2002)
Directed by : Written by : Cast : David Lereaney as. Ossington Chris Martin (II) as. Tom Stone Janet Kidder as. Cpl. Marina De Luzio Stuart Margolin
Deep Search for "Tom Stone" (2002)

Actors playing Dan 
Actor (character name). Title of movie/tv show. Abdellah Badis (Dan). Adam Baratta (Danny). Do It for Uncle Manny (2002). Adam Baumgarten (Boy with Danny).
The Updated Family History of the Timothy Hoyt, 3341, Jonathan G 
Jason & Joshua 1979 Video Short1.wmv (Click either Botton or Link Above to View this Short Movie -->Warning--This could up to 13 minutes with 56 K modem)
Movie Reviews
 - ... Well, Tom Stone isn’t Due South, but it’s about as close as we’re going to get without watching old episodes we’ve taped of Due South . ... more movie reviews ...
screenplay in 2002. A fourth North of 60 movie, Another Country, will be broadcast in the season ahead. Wreggitt also co-authored
Films, Personnages. Die Mommie Die (2003), ??? Darkness Falling (2002), Micheal Pacer. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) (TV), Jarred. Homicide: The Movie (2000) &#
Search Score - 34%

Lemon Sisters, The (1990)
Directed by : Joyce Chopra  Written by :(WGA) Jeremy Pikser  (written by) Released :August 31, 1990 Genre : Drama Length : 9
Deep Search for Lemon Sisters, The (1990)

writer] (1994) Taxi Driver (1976) Twilight Zone - The Movie (1983) Unfaithfully W. (TV) (1989) My Wicked, Wicked WaysThe Legend of Errol Flynn (TV) 
Saturday Night Live FAQ: Other Credits 
3 [Luggage Clerk] (1994) Look Who's Talking Too (1990) Movie Madness (CD ROM voice] (1987) CB4 (1993) Coneheads, The [Marlax] (1993) Crazysitter, The F
Saturday Night Live FAQ: Other Credits
3 [Luggage Clerk] (1994) Look Who’s Talking Too (1990) Movie Madness (CD Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Long Riders, The (1980) Million Dollar Infield (TV
1990) Bad Medicine (1985) Badge 373 (1973) Badge of the Assassin (1985) Bakers The Wrestling Movie (1985) Guardian Gulliver's Travels (1939) Gunan il g
NJ Motion Picture & TV Commission
1988) Glitz (1988) Wonderworks (1988) Kojak (1989) Dream Street (1989) NYPD Mounted (1990) The The Jersey Shore (1997) Exiled: A Law & Order Mo
Diane Keaton
Search Score - 33%

Who Gets the Friends? (1988) (TV)
Directed by : Lila Garrett Written by :Lila Garrett Sandy Krinski Released :May 10, 1988 Cast : Lucie Arnaz as. Gloria McClinton Nina Arvesen as. Ing
Deep Search for Who Gets the Friends? (1988) (TV)

Urgences-la-serie.com Urgences serie de france 2 à voir d’ ...
Duty: A Cop for the Killing" (1990), "Naked Lie" (1989), "The Red Spider" (1988), "Who Gets the Friends?" (1988), "Secret 4.05
Urgences-la-serie.com Urgences serie de france 2 à voir d’ ...
of Faith" (1988), "Run Till You Fall" (1988), "If Tomorrow Comes" [miniseries] (1986), "As Summers Die" (1986), "Resting 4.05 Q
Urgences-la-serie.com Urgences serie de france 2 à voir d' ...  
1990), "No Place Like Home" (1989), "Third Degree Burn" (1989), "Leap of Faith" (1988), "Run Till You Fall" (1988), "If
Urgences-la-serie.com Urgences serie de france 2 à voir d’ ...
... 3.22 Yvette Freeman (Infirmière Haleh Adams) 3.23 Lily Mariye (Infirmière Lily Jarvik) 3.24 Vanessa Marquez (Infirmière Wendy Goldman) 3.25 Kristin Minter ...
Urgences-la-serie.com Urgences serie de france 2 à voir d’ ...
1992). Téléfilms: "Deadly Voyage" (1996), "Daybreak" (1993). 3.12 Jorjan Fox (Dr. Maggie Doyle): 4.05 Qu’est-ce que "ER: The Movie"? No
Search Score - 33%

Secret Path, The (1999) (TV)
Directed by : Bruce Pittman Written by :(WGA)Rose Mary Evans (book)Bill C. Davis (teleplay)as  Released :April 4, 1999 Cast : Della
Deep Search for Secret Path, The (1999) (TV)

youthinfilm.org - TV movies and shows with Child Actors 
Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990), Movie Stars (1999-). Mr. Belvedere (1985-1990), Mr. Boogedy (1986). Stranger At My Door (1991), Stranger In My Home
youthinfilm.org - TV movies and shows with Child Actors 
1986). Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990), Movie Stars (1999-). 1970). Queer As Folk (UK), Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story (1988).
youthinfilm.org - TV movies and shows with Child Actors 
2000). Mom's On Strike (1984), Moment of Truth: A Child Too Many (1993). 1986). Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990), Movie Stars (1999-).
youthinfilm.org - TV movies and shows with Child Actors 
More Than Murder (1983), Morningstar/eveningstar (1986). Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990), Movie Stars (1999-). Sk8 (2001-2002), Skeezer (1982
youthinfilm.org - TV movies and shows with Child Actors 
1986). Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990), Movie Stars (1999-). 1993). Thicker Than Blood: The Larry Mclinden Story (1994), Third Watch.
Search Score - 32%

Freak City (1999)
Directed by : Lynne Littman Written by :(WGA)Jane Shepard (written by) Released : Cast : Samantha Mathis as. Ruth Ellison Jonathan Silverman as.
Deep Search for Freak City (1999)

American Sign Language University 
1998), Freak City (1999) appeared on Showtime, Where the Truth Lies (1999), she was also the executive producer for this show, a Lifetime movie, and Kiss My
American Sign Language University
1998), Freak City (1999) appeared on Showtime, Where the Truth Lies (1999), she was also the executive producer for this show, a Lifetime movie, and Kiss My
E! Online - Movie Facts - Freak City (1999)
jackie wilson sings. freak city. category: drama. director: lynne littman. b, you grade it! log in or register to grade, movie availability. in theaters.
E! Online - Movie Facts - Freak City (1999)
freak city. category: drama. director: lynne littman. users grade. b, you grade it! log in or register to grade, movie availability. in theaters.
Val Kilmer - The Salton Sea - Production Notes from Warner Bros. 
as a young quadriplegic in Showtime?s acclaimed television movie ?Freak City The 70?s,? ?Seasons of Love? and ?Revenge of the Land.? BD WONG
Search Score - 25%

Sex, Lies & Obsession (2001) (TV)
Directed by : Douglas Barr Written by :(WGA) Patricia Resnick (written by) Released :May 7, 2001 Cast : Harry Hamlin as. Cameron Thomas L
Deep Search for Sex, Lies & Obsession (2001) (TV)

Strip Club
Streetwalker (Forbes Magazine)
Search Score - 20%

"Secret Storm, The" (1954)
Directed by : Gloria Monty Written by :Bethel Leslie (head writer)Gabrielle Upton (head writer) Released :February 1, 1954 Cast : David Ackroyd
Deep Search for "Secret Storm, The" (1954)

made for TV or cable (V) = made for video movie (*) = currently available Raid, The (1972) [Allen] Dying Room Only (1973) (*) (TV) Hawkins on Murder &#
TV) [Harvey Lacey] Cagney and Lacey Movie (1995) (TV Phase (1981) (TV) [Judge Donald Faulkner] Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story (1981) (*&
1970) [Woman in Elevator] Man on a Swing (1974) [Mrs Behavior (1989) [Site Committee] Awakenings (1990) [Lucy] Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) [Carolyn
Actors playing Dan 
Actor (character name). Title of movie/tv show. Abdellah Badis (Dan). Edward Albert (Danny Warren). Underachievers, The (1987). Edward Andrews (I) (Dan Col
TV Guide History 1960-69 
Other Articles: Superbeast, Love On A Rooftop 01141967 "Art Carney". Other Articles: Vic Damone, Jigsaw TV movie 06101967 "Smothers Brothers".
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