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As you might know, there are a lot of animal shelters all around the world and they are constantly filling up with new animals that are waiting for the right owner to come. Well, some animals don’t have a lot of time and if someone doesn’t come and pick them up from the shelter, they will be euthanized. It is a very sad thing, but shelters must do this, especially when the dog or cat is old or sick and nobody will pick them up.

Why You Should Adopt And Not Shop

They cannot just take every animal in forever, they simply don’t have enough food for every dog and cat that comes in. So, we made this article to explain to people why they need to adopt and not shop for a pet, especially when you want a dog or a cat. Here are some of the reasons why you should adopt and not shop.

Save a Life

The number one thing that we have mentioned previously is that these animals will be euthanized after a certain amount of time if nobody comes and adopt them from the shelter. Well, this means that you can save a life of an animal by simply adopting it. Almost 3 million animals are being euthanized each year because people don’t adopt them.


You are not only saving their life, but you are giving them a second chance to live a much happier life. Because they are in a shelter, most likely they haven’t had a great life so far, they had nobody who loved them and now you have the chance to become that person who will give them anything they want and love them.

They come Trained

One thing, you might not know is that animals in the shelter are all trained to a certain level. Meaning that every animal is potty trained. When you buy a pet, they will have no training and you must be the one that will do it. If you decide to adopt, then you don’t have to deal with that problem, most of the animals will be trained unless the animal is very old.

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