Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have A Dog In Your Apartment 230


One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people do is getting a pet dog while they are living in a small apartment. The reason why this is a mistake that you should avoid is that you have to look the situation from the side of the dog. When you are buying any type of pet animal, you have to inform yourself about the things that specific animal need in order to live happily. If you are not able to provide all of those things to your pet, then you should probably find some other pet that is more suitable for your situation.

little boy walking with his beagle puppy better friend

The biggest issue for dogs is not having enough space to live in. So, when you are living in a small apartment, the worst thing that you can do is buy a big dog. That dog will never be happy because you will not give him the freedom to run freely in the backyard. Of course, you will take him outside from the apartment few times, but that is not enough for a dog, especially if the dog gets quite large. Here are some other reasons why you shouldn’t get a dog in a small apartment.

Feeling Lonely

People who buy a dog and they live in a smaller apartment will most likely never buy a second dog because that one will be more than enough for that small area. Well, you are missing a crucial thing and that is the happiness of your dog. Having a pet dog is a huge responsibility and the most important thing is to be able to understand your dog and realize if he is not happy. Dogs are one of the few pets that are very smart, and they can easily get lonely, especially when they are locked up in a small area of an apartment.

Development Issues

They never have the chance to run outside and play with other dogs, and that can hurt a dog really bad. If you live in a house that has a huge backyard, then you most likely are more than happy to purchase another dog. Well, if you live in an apartment, that option is not available for you because it will make things even worse than they already are. You should have thought about this long before you purchased a dog for your apartment.

Development Issues

A dog needs to have proper exercises every day, especially when they are small and in the process of growing. Buying a dog for an apartment is not that great choice, but if you buy a dog breed that will get very large, then you have made the worst choice because you will not allow him the freedom he needs in order to develop fully.

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