Animal Species That Are Near Extinction 243


Amur Leopard

Not many people actually realize this, but one of the Leopard species the Amur Leopard is very near extinction and we should be very concerned about that. They are falling into the category of critically endangered animals with around 60 living in the wild and 200 in the zoos all around the world. So, if you have visited one of the largest zoos in the world, you have most likely seen one of these leopards. If you haven’t seen one, then we suggest that you do as soon as you can because their number is constantly falling down, and it is a matter of time when they will be extinct. Of course, people around the world are fighting against that with all their power to prevent that from happening, but sometimes there is nothing that we can do.


This cat, just like any other leopard can run quite fast, it can speed up to 37 mph. In the wild, they can be only found in the Amur River in eastern Russia. The reason for being critically endangered is not one thing, but mainly the poaching and human population that is constantly growing. Of course, the climate change has also something to do with this. Overall, if you are looking for someone to point at, then you should point at yourself because we all are responsible for them being endangered.

Sumatran Rhinoceros

This rhino species is the only Asian rhino that has two horns. This one is the smallest rhino and it lives in dense forests in Indonesia and Malaysia.


They are really unique, and you cannot recognize this species when you see it. other than just having two horns, this rhino species is very special because it is covered with quite long hair all over their body. The long hair has the function to protect them from insects and to stick the mud to their skin better in order to cool them during hot days.

Peruvian Black Spider Monkey

You might ask why the name spider money, well if you have ever seen one of these in person, then you would know. They have extremely long legs that they use to climb trees.


This monkey is mainly eating fruit and they are an essential part of the ecosystem in South America because they are very good at dispersing seeds all over the rainforest.

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