Where to buy Kangaroo jerky in Australia

Kangaroo jerky has been quite a common type of dog food in Australia for over twenty-five years. However, kangaroo jerky in Australia is still hard to buy, like everywhere else in the world. The first problem is that people don’t know about this product as much as they should. The fact that kangaroos aren’t considered as animals that can be bred for meat might be another reason for this.

Why would anyone buy kangaroo-based dog food?

First of all, it’s important to explain why this kind of pet food is right for your dog. It all comes down to the amount of protein and amino acids it contains, as well as the lack of fat. The small traces of fat this meat has is unsaturated, which means that it is good for your pet. The amount of protein and amino acids in kangaroo far outclasses the amount of the same in beef jerky and other alternatives.

Talking about plant-based pet food would be useless as it requires unnatural ingredients to increase the amount of these two things it can provide to your pet. If you don’t want to eat food that is full of various chemicals you know nothing about, then don’t feed your dog the same kind of thing. Your pet deserves more than something that you wouldn’t even think about eating even if it was suited to humans.

Where and how to buy kangaroo jerky

Chicken Jerky for DogsAustralians aren’t so keen on purchasing meat from the animal that is widely considered to be a national treasure. However, many Australians also realize that kangaroos are also pests that can cause quite a bit of trouble if they are let loose. Those that understand that have no issue with eating kangaroo meat or buying jerky made from the same for their pets.

You still can’t buy kangaroo-based pet food in the majority of pet shops in Australia because those shops are reluctant to offer kangaroo options because some Australians might stop purchasing their products. But, if you know what is right for your pet, then you can buy kangaroo jerky over the internet.

Every Australian can follow links and order kangaroo jerky, and it will be delivered to your house in a matter of a day. All renowned kangaroo jerky manufacturers offer their products via order, and they are all known for following government-issued orders.

You might not know, but the Australian government is the organization that regulates the production of kangaroo-based jerky for pets. Rules they have set are there to ensure that every step of the process is done according to regulations that will prevent people from abusing animals.

No wild kangaroo is hurt during the production of the jerky. Manufacturers breed all animals that get slaughtered. They eat healthy food and live a pain-free life before they enter the slaughterhouse. They are put down by professionals that make sure that those animals experience no pain during the process.

There aren’t any chemicals in this kind of pet food, so you don’t have to worry about any allergic reaction in your pets.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Pets Health

Healthy Weight

The first tip that we can give you is to keep your pets at a healthy weight. Pets are just like humans they can easily get overweight and that can lead to a series of health issues. There are a lot of pet owners who are not taking track of their pet’s weight and that is a huge rookie mistake. No matter what type of pet you have, if you are feeding it too much or some unhealthy food, the pet will eventually get fat. Simple as that, you have to keep track of how much your pet is eating and what you are giving them.
For example, if you have a dog, you want to feed him 2 times per day during his first year because in that period of time they are still developing and growing, so they need nutrients. However, once your dog is older than one year, you can feed him/her once per day. Don’t worry, for them it will be enough, you just have to find the right potion that is enough for them. You can also give your pet supplements such as the Aloe Vera based A.M.P. Floracel.

Plenty of Exercises

The next tip is for people who are having issues with the energy of their animals. If you get a pet, there are a lot of responsibilities that are on you now. One of those responsibilities is to make them tired. The last thing you want is to buy a big dog and keep him inside the house all the time. Bigger animals like that need proper exercise all the time and if you don’t give them a chance to burn energy, then they will take it out on you.

In case you are having troubles keeping your dog in one place, or if he refuses to listen to you, that is because he is full of energy that needs to be burned with exercise. Remember, this exercise doesn’t have to be anything special, you don’t even have to run with your dog, it will be enough to take him for a long walk. Not only your dog will benefit from those walks, but you will also improve your health.

Visit the Vet

When you get your pet, you will most likely go directly to the veterinarian just to check if everything is fine and get him vaccinated. The problem starts when people forget about their pet needs, you have to take them regularly to the veterinarian and not just that one time. It is like you don’t go to regular check-ups to your doctors, it can be very risky for the health of your animal if you skip going to the vet. In case you go only when you see that something is wrong with your pet, in some cases, there is nothing that you can do at that point. That’s why it is very important to regularly visit the vet’s office and detect some serious problems long before they cause any serious damage to your pet.