These Are Sure Signs That Your Dog Is Sick

We all love pets and we all love dogs as they are the best friends that we can have. They will never leave us nor do anything to harm us, at least not intentionally. Getting the right food for your pet is something we need to educate on and you can check Pet Shop Glasgow to find more information about the proper nutrition.

Still, you need to know the behavior of your dog in order to understand if he is having a health problem so you could react on time and prevent further complications.

Excessive drinking or urination

Dog is sick and having Gastroenteritis

This is one of the most common signs that show that something is not okay with your dog. Dogs, like people, have their own “rituals”, when they drink water and when they urinate. If you notice the sudden change in this behavior, you should suspect that something is wrong with your dog.

Do not confuse drinking too much water with the process of cooling, as dogs tend to cool themselves with water during the hot summer days. If he suddenly drinks more water and urinates more frequently, it is the time for the alert!

Dogs sleep more than usually

Yes, this can be a sign that dog got tired from the running or any other physical activity but it can also mean that dog is becoming sick and he is trying to sleep as much as possible. They do tend to sleep more when they are sad (when the owner leaves the house), as it is the way they fight they sorrow.

Dog is sick and need healing

However, if the dog does not want to play with you and just keeps sleeping instead, you can be sure that something is wrong. You may want to take him to the veterinary station so they could examine the dog.

Lack of interest in the activities he usually adores

Dogs choose their favorite toys and they stick to them. No matter what you do and no matter how tired they are, they will always want to chase and play with their favorite toy. In the case of sadness, they prefer to be inactive as they feel sorrow and cannot find joy.

This usually happens when an owner travels and is not at home for a couple of days, but if he refuses to play for a day or two in a row, you can be positive that he is having a health problem.

Digestive problems

Cute dog need healing

Pets love to eat, even things that are not meant to eat. More than often, they swallow something that they were not supposed to and that reflects on their bowel movement. In case you notice that they do not let you to touch the bowel and stomach, there is a great chance they did swallow something.

A sharp object may cause inability to eat so pay attention if the pet eats. The bowel problem does not have to be related to swallowing the sharp object.

It may also be a problem or allergy, infection or intolerance to some food. Make sure you keep an eye on their stomach, whether it changed its size or it becomes painful to touch it.